Robb Misso

Robb Misso has worked in manufacturing for over 25 years, co-founding the Austin Regional Manufacturer’s Association along the way. As CEO of Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions, he has focused on bringing skilled labor jobs back to Central Texas from low-cost regions outside the United States. Mr. Misso believes in creating a work culture that empowers all members of an organization, and he has been recognized for his compassionate, results-oriented leadership in this regard.

During Mr. Misso’s tenure as CEO, DMS has come to be characterized by the innovative, efficient solutions they offer to clients across the globe. Drawing on his experience at many levels of the manufacturing process, he interfaces with customers to help them identify weaknesses in their model and then provides high quality, repeatable answers using the cutting-edge resources and superior skill housed at DMS.

As the recipient of Austin’s “Recognize Good Award” honoring individuals for their contributions to local charity work, Mr. Misso has been instrumental in establishing DMS as a compassionate member of the greater Austin community. He has found unique ways to put the resources at DMS to philanthropic ends, donating to the Austin Humane Society and the Austin Literary Coalition, among several others.

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